Indoor Disc Swing

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This indoor disc swing will delight kids (and grown-ups) who want a little more than just swinging. It can go in all directions and requires more effort than a regular swing. The little active beings will be delighted!

Swings in stock have 2.4m (8 ') ropes but the correct length for your ceiling is available to order

Each wooden board is unique, slight variations in the grain of the wood and its color make each swing quite special. In addition, in order to maximize our fabulous material, wood, we use our scraps to make our disc swing. It will therefore be made from one of the species available (cherry, ash or maple). A nice surprise awaits you! 

Seat dimensions: 21.3 cm in diameter by 2.23 cm (8.375 in diameter by 7/8 in)

Materials: hardwood finished with hemp oil and beeswax (natural mixture of beeswax, carnauba wax and mineral oil - food grade), 5/8 "(16mm) braided rope 100% cotton made in Canada. 

Not included: hardware for installation - see instruction sheet to see our recommendations. We will be happy to assist you if necessary.


Maintenance: designed for indoor use. The wood has been finished with beeswax. Renew the latter if necessary. The rope, made of natural material, can skate during use: this indicates that the swing is in use and provides pleasure! 

Installation: It is very important to properly and securely tie up your indoor swing: it is for the safety of the person using it. An explanatory leaflet will be provided to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice. Atelier Bosc is not responsible for any accidents and / or injuries that may occur while using the swing.