Asteroidea Teether

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Asteroidea Natural Rubber Teether

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"Made with our hands for you and for the planet."

Gea, Sensory Collection - We are all one in the Earth, if we take care about seas, they’ll take care of us, if we damage a tree; we damage ourselves. Gea is an inspiration to get in touch with our intimate connection with nature.

Following our passion for the sea, we have created a collection of sea treasures designed with a lot of care. Aimed to re-discover the magic of our oceans. These designs have been developed by creating gypsum moulds from real pieces.

Lanco is a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona.

Lanco toys are made of natural rubber original from the Hevea tree's sap: it is manually collected and hand-worked to create toys free from toxic components, biodegradable and sustainable, conforming with the European safety standards EN71.

Each toy is handmade and decorated by artisans, connecting with Lanco's slow living philosophy. Each toy is unique - minor imperfections may exist.

To take care of your natural rubber toy, use a damp towel with natural water and neutral soap. Avoid sterilizing or boiling, keep it in a dry place and far from the direct sunlight. We recommend the supervision of an adult at all times.